Hey Mr. DJ?

Questions To Ask When Booking A Wedding DJ



Over the years, I've been asked a plethora of questions by brides. Some of which were really good questions and others that seemed to come from left field. As I continued to perform at more weddings.. and then more.. and now hundreds later.. I've come to the conclusion... that no question is ever out of the ordinary. Most importantly I've realized top questions that a bride shouldn't ask. and that it's not about just putting a bride at ease, but more about putting their questions into perspective and how to accommodate every client. Here's a list of some great questions you should ask your potential Wedding DJ.

How Long Have You Been DJing For?

This is probably the #1 questions asked next to How Much? The reason this question makes me cringe isn't because a bride or groom wants to get personal... but more that our experience has shown that it's not how long someone has been in charge of providing music for your most important day, but really how many events. The number of events can truly set apart the caliber and quality of DJ received. When adding Team Members to our roster I've learned that there is always a difference between DJ A - I've been DJing for 10 years and have done about 30 weddings and DJ B - "I've DJ'd 30 weddings in the last year alone" 

How Much Do You Charge? 

As mentioned earlier, this is one of the first questions I'm usually asked and any DJ that is afraid to tell you a clear cut price so many any couple weary. What's more scarier is that DJ A may charge let's say $1000 and DJ B $1500. At a 50% price increase than his competitor DJ A clearly looks like a slam dunk... but although price is very important, meeting your needs and expectations holds a higher value. If it didn't you wouldn't have shopped around numerous wedding venues only to come to a conclusion based on price. For numerous factors played a role: location, guest capacity, on site ceremony location etc.. So before you simply ask "How Much?" Be sure to ask "What do you offer and then.. How much =)